Tuesday, February 24, 2015

good 4 u

 jaquette- ebay
dress- thrifted
necklace- by tania from synchrodogs & top necklace by tunnel vision
earring- NIN3
shoes- harley davidson from ebay
im leaving to israel on saturday


Thursday, February 19, 2015

i meant it

when i said I'd love you forever
tell me one more time


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

O Captain, I Captain

collar- mom & sis got for me when they went to japan w/o me rude
top - thrifted
skirt- rose bowl
i forgot to take photos of my shoes aww. well, they're new. theyre velvetesque clunky 70esque blackmary jane big platforms.
Although I do believe I've found myself in LA and this is my home, I have for some time felt a bit lost in myself and confused, and I felt envy towards past versions of me even though I've perpetually felt that way, and I know that it's ridiculous because future me will think the same that present me thinks of past-me, so technically I am exactly the version of me that I wish to be, according to future-me. Anyways. I feel settled again. I mean, I never feel fully settled, but at least I feel like Sideara again. And I plan to preserve this feeling, and do with it everything that I can, which is to delve deeper into all of the passions I have and careers I am pursuing.

I'm about to leave to meet with someone about the video-lookbook for the dream NIN3 collection that almost exists. As per usual I am constantly reminding myself of essential rules and morals I taught myself right before high school, which can basically be summed up by "dgaf" and "do it for u". So I'm very excited to present a collection which core ideas will be just that.

And I'm excited to continue to grow and dgaf and do it for me and go at the pace that I am and know that no matter who is on board, I'm the captain of my own ship, so I'm going to continue to my destinations and enjoy the ocean breeze and all the whale sightings on the way.

 Feel me?

Love you.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Oh, brother

WELL THE DRAMA IS GONE! And I'm feeling very overwhelmingly happy, and I think it's a mixture of this gorgeous rainy dreadweather and quitting cigarettes. I want to scream. Here are some random photobooth photos!
ok, now I really need to get to business and clean my apt.  Kimi (from tan camera)'s staying with me for a week or so!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


So I've been using this messenger app called Line, it's pretty popular in Japan but not a lot of people have it here, and funny enough even though I'm the worst at texting, Line is pretty easy to handle. Probably because they helpfully suggest emoji's in place of your words and because since less people have it, I have less to check and worry about. Anyways my friends hosted a party for Line which was a surprise because I didn't know Line was aware of my friends but hey that's the internet for you!!
Here are some of the photos from the party- the second time I've seen eardrummer-backwards dude live on accident haha. Photos by JWNY again! 
Pia wearing Damage because she's perfect
This girl from Freak City had an ipad dress that was blowing my mind, plus it was on camera the whole time so dead amazing
Natasha the babe in WIA
The preformance was cool but I'm not gonna lie u guys this party was pretty weird and terrifying
Sina & Palma
Sweet party favors though.
Pia & I, I'm impersonating the fan! Get it ?
Do u get it ?
Anyways I could post more photos from there but since I didn't stay for long or have the time of my life I don't think there's much of a point, but HEY check out the amazing earrings I'm wearing hey hey hey new NIN3!! So after this ended (which was pretty early, at like, 10), and I finally got Jawny out, we went to the Dripped party which honestly I'm not sure if there are any photos of but it was really fun!! There were indeed lots of my friends there, and it was relatively magical, although I was pretty drunk and confused for a lot of it and just chillin on the couches upstairs with Madeline being hit on by weird dudes and turning them down in silly ways. C'est la vie!! Going to a script reading now for Max Landis's new thingy and I'm nervous cause I have to do things like yell HELP ME! and such. Wish me luck!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lulo's 1st party : Angel Edition

First of all let's credit the photog of the night : Jawny . I love him lots
It was bb girl Josephine's first time DJ'ing and she was amazing of course. And the cutest, like always
Sina being babe. She's relatively new in my life but I really like her 
AJ & Avalon Lurks keepin the party fired up
Josephine, Lucas (Lulo), & Haruna bein perf
Jawny's great at getting me in a corner and making me pose for him lol
Tina is the cutest I really need to shoot her
Look at Luna, she's so babe. She's new in my life as well.. But really close to Lucas, and really likes cows, so I'm betting she's aces.
Ended up stealing my friend's camera and spending the rest of the night filming bootyshakin till Jawny drove me home
Well, Dripped's 3rd anniversary holiday party is tonight and I'm hosting so that should be excellent, and much needed. Doing everything to resist inviting friends with which I'm on weird standing with, which may or may not pertain to other strange and vague text posts. All of my close friends will be there, the other Dripped vendors, and Isabel is in town, so it really has all the makings of a perfect night. I should stop by the store and grab a disposable to document the magic.

But just so you don't think I'm spending my life partying and that's all- woke up this morning two hours before my alarm and went straight to writing (music), using all these strange lingering feelings as major inspiration. 
 Waking up early felt fine despite staying up late last night planning my life, which I do need to finish (organizational process is very precise and takes time), but I need to jump off the computer now and head to the studio where I lasercut my NIN3 stuff because I'm making different variations, colors, and styles for my earrings. I've been really set on doing some 3D designed jewelry but it may not be very cost effective. Maybe I can just print molds and figure something out? Oh well, just gotta stay motivated to mow through the bump in the road and not give up now that it's gotten confusing. Anyways. See more photos from this party and others here. I won't be tagged though, because I deleted my facebook...